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Troop History

Boy Scouting in America started in 1910, primarily in New York and New England.  Although most of the early Troops faded away, some continue to thrive.  One such Troop is Troop 5 of Yonkers, NY.  For 100 years Troop 5 has offered a quality program of teaching life skills and the importance of being an active and supportive citizen of the community.  In addition to the many camping trips and field excursions the Troop attends, Troop 5 also leads or participate in many community service projects in Yonkers.  A large part of their success is anchored in the support of the Bryn Mawr Park Presbyterian Church, which has been the Troop's Charter Organization since it's founding in 1911.  From 1911 to 1953 the Troop has had 10 Scoutmasters, and from 1953 to the present has had 4.  One of the them is Robert Knesnik, who in 1986 became the current Charter Organization Representative after 33 years as Scoutmaster.  The previous Scoutmaster of 23 years Ken Moore has led a renaissance of the Troop, which has seen the Eagle Scout rate in the Troop increase to 25% (compared to the national average of 4%).  Since 1923, the Troop has had 49 Eagle Scouts, 17 of them during Ken Moore's tenure and now 11 under Harold Thela's tenure.  
                          G. Hawley 1911-1913                Herbert Thal 1945-1950
                          W. Caffrey 1914-1915               Arthur Chessman 1946-1950
                          Dr. G. Jackson 1914-1918         Michael Tutko 1951-1952
                          W. Mercer 1919-1925                Charles Hughes 1953
                          W. M. Fox 1926-1931                 Robert Knesnik 1953-1986
                          Harry Skiff 1940-1941                Dennis Flynn 1986-1991
                          Fred Sutton 1942-1944               Ken Moore 1991-2015
                          Harold Thela 2015-Present
                                                       Eagle's Nest
                          William Mille 1923                         James Drisko 1964
                          John Dichkewich 1930                Gerald Nyahay 1964
                          James Coleman 1932                   Charles Romao 1965
                          Elwood Ross 1932                      Ronald Yaskovic 1968
                          Lewis Ross 1932                        Jonathan Everin 1971
                          George Dingeldein 1939             Richard Vizzini 1985
                          James Reap 1945                      Anthony Canino 1992
                          Robert Knesnik Sr. 1946             Edward Carpenter 2006
                          Howard Griffith Jr. 1948              Christopher Carpenter 2006
                          Raymond Ruf 1948                    Paul Forlini 2006
                          Jay Drisko 1960                         Steven Thela 2008
                          Alberto Gavasci II 1960               Lyle Yaphockun 2008
                          William George 1960                  Stephen Forlini 2008
                          Richard Cartwright 1962              Edward Shaer 2009
                          Kenneth Smith 1963                   Nicholas Forlini 2010
                          Ricardo Guerrero 2012               Henry Figueroa, Jr. 2012
                          Tomasz Przywarczak 2012         Max Gonzalez 2012
                          Devin Inniss. 2012                      Kyle Creaven 2013
                          Bobby D'Albora 2013                  David Zevon 2014
                          Nicholas V. 2016                        Jared Simko 2016
                          Adam Przywarczak, 2016           Christian Desiderio 2016
                          Thomas Jadus 2016                   Depo O. 2016
                          Angelo Beltran 2016                   Deji O. 2016 
                          Maximillian Inniss 2016                Liam Y. 2017
                          Peter Anthony R. 2017               Joseph O. 2018
                          Frank B. 2019